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Where to Find Affordable Natural Hair Products for Curly Black Hair

In today’s world, we have tons of cheap chemicals flooding the hair industry with few manufacturers giving attention to more sustainable and natural products. But even less attention is given to minority populations with special hair care needs. I know this first-hand.

While leaving in Europe several years ago, one of the first challenges I faced as a young black woman was getting the right products for my hair. I am allergic to sulfate, so the situation was even more dire since most regular hair products contain this chemical to strengthen hair and prevent breakage. The organic products that were available were not readily accessible in my area and the cost generally was not very friendly…and I was constantly battling with scalp issues.

Unable to afford the expensive hair products on the market for black 4C hair like mine, I resorted to braiding my hair all-year round. Of course, you know what that means: weaker, thinner hair. In the end, my hair was very brittle and rather lifeless. And yeah, my scalp issues were still there.

At last, I had to take matters into my hands. Through self-awareness and a bit of research and binge watching hair videos on YouTube, I started blending natural oils in my kitchen and using them on my hair. The results are mind-blowing! My scalp issues have gone, my hair is now so much glossier, fuller, and stronger than ever! I can’t be more proud of it.

Today, I’m proud to share what has worked for me these past few years. And that is what I do through my brand Avowell Natural Products.

All Avowell hair products are 100% organic and locally sourced, and they’re authentic for the heart and soul that has gone into each bottle. Whether you’re a black man or woman, you can trust our 100% natural hair products in addressing concerns such as:

    •  Scalp issues
    •  Hair growth
    •  Hair moisturizing
    •  And lots more

If you’re looking for natural hair products that are affordable and safe, now you know where to get them. *winks*

I do hope they work for you just as they did for me. But hey, feel free to try them out and let us know.

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